Do you sometimes need assistance with your day to day activities?  Do you experience feelings of despair or defeat? Are you struggling in your relationships? 

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Letitia S. Powell,

Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor

My Journey

Restorative Counseling Services has been providing therapeutic services since 2007, and as a wife, mother, grandmother, entrepreneur, and counselor, I understand the many hats a person has to wear to manage life.  I understand the challenges that occur when you attempt to balance your life as things are falling apart.  I invite you to let me help.


Our Journey

I am always humbled and grateful when clients entrust me to join them on their journey to healing and empowerment, and I never take that trust for granted.  I believe a professional partnership between a therapist and a client should be treated with respect, honesty, empathy, and integrity, and I strive to be a good steward of that partnership, as I am here to serve.

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Parent Concerns:

Is your child unmotivated?  Anxious? Angry? Depressed? Does he/she struggle in school?

Individual Concerns:

Do you struggle with self esteem?  Depression?  Relationships? Personal growth? Instability? 

Adolescent  Concerns:

Do you struggle in school?  With your peers? Fitting in? Anger? Anxiety? Depression? Family?

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